Meet Our Expert Facilitator

Michael Sherlock

Professional Development, Sales & Leadership Trainer

Michael Sherlock brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Enlightened Workplace Academy. As the former Vice President of US Sales for two multinational medical device companies, Michael was responsible for net revenue exceeding $75 million and managed up to 500 employees. Her insights have been featured in Forbes and Yahoo Finance, and she is a frequent media expert on hiring and employee management for outlets such as 6ABC in Philadelphia, ABC 13 in Houston, and Daily Blast Live.

Her Leadership Philosophy: Right People, In the Right Positions, Doing the Right Things

Michael believes that effective leadership hinges on ensuring that you have the right people in the right positions, doing the right things. The most critical element is always having the right people. Leaders must constantly evaluate both themselves and their teams to achieve this alignment.

Michael asks, “How do you know if it’s you, or if it’s them?

Give yourself the mirror test.

Reflect on every single member of your team, evaluate their strengths in their positions, and then to review any perceived weaknesses by asking yourself the following questions:

1. Has this person been thoroughly trained?
2. Is their weakness because of lack of talent, or lack of training?
3. If I improve their training, will they be successful?”

Continuous Learning and Development.

Seeing the need for ongoing development beyond company-organized conferences and trainings, Michael founded the Enlightened Workplace community. Every Tuesday, she hosts a live session covering various topics on both personal and professional development, offering teams a continuous space for growth. This interactive platform fosters learning, discussion, and real-world application of valuable strategies.

Learn more about Michael Sherlock and her transformative approach to leadership and professional development.