“Throughout my career, I have found joy in creating a positive, productive and profitable workplace. I channel my passion for training, motivating, coaching and connecting with people to empower employees and leaders in crafting  Enlightened Workplaces, where everyone relishes their work and finds genuine fulfillment in what they do.”

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Enlightened Workplace Community

The Enlightened Workplace Community is a unique executive coaching experience where self-reflection is the norm, where open, honest, and progressive communication is central to all efforts, where employees and leaders alike value collaboration, and where goals are aligned every day. An Enlightened Workplace will change the world.

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The most effective leaders lead by example, provide guidance, and actively foster a constructive work atmosphere for their employees. But leaders don’t always have access to mentors, role models, and continuous training and development to support them throughout their careers. As a member of The Enlightened Workplace Community, leaders find a place to safely explore their own professional evolution while gaining additional support in developing each member of their team.


No one should face their career journey alone. Whether you are new to the work-world or mid-career looking for new energy and opportunity, The Enlightened Workplace Community will be your personal guidance and support center. Yes, you can say you can do it alone, but you don’t have to. The Enlightened Workplace Community will be your partner in growth and experience. But it’s not for everyone. You must be open to self-reflection and professional growth. In other words, our members are here for change.

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As part of The Enlightened Workplace Community, our members gain access to a range of live sessions where we combine learning, support, and life-changing opportunities. We can't be mentors to everyone, but we will certainly help you where you struggle with your career and be your cheerleaders when you achieve your goals. We have different levels of membership; you will be able  select a Membership Level that fits your needs.

What our Community Members are Saying.....

Rachael. N

Since joining the Enlightened Workplace Community, my confidence has undergone a remarkable transformation, marking significant strides in my career. The live training sessions are wonderful, especially the "How to Unlock the Secrets to Career Success," and the 7-day career challenge provided great insight into my personal and career development

Pamella. G

I have received valuable tips that have readied me for a promotion, broadening my workplace effectiveness. I have embraced pursuing my goals and welcoming feedback with a positive attitude. These sessions continue to enrich my learning, with notes for future reference.

Esther. M

The Enlightened Workplace Academy provids me with the knowledge I need to excel in the realm of remote work. I had searched extensively for training materials that offered a comprehensive, career guidance, but I couldn't find anything comparable elsewhere

Faith. M

The Tuesday Sessions with Michael Sherlock are enjoyable and make career training a seamless process. The Virtual Water Cooler Community provides continuous opportunities for interaction with individuals who are focused on advancing their careers.

Winnie. A

The sessions are enjoyable, relatable, and thought-provoking. I felt very inspired when Michael spoke about branding - LinkedIn. I took notes and applied, my LinkedIn grew from 152 connections to five hundred in less than a month. I also enjoyed the music played at the end of every session.

Paul. K

Joining the Enlightened Workplace Community has had a great impact on my life, both professionally and personally. Michael Sherlock delivers remarkable content in a way that is both easy to digest and actualize. The addition of practical exercises, in turn, has increased the quality and quantity of my productivity. I always look forward to our Tuesday live training sessions

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