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From Potential to Performance: Unlocking Workplace Enlightenment

Join Michael Sherlock, the dynamic international speaker and author, as she bridges the gap between potential and performance. In this insightful session, Michael delves into her proven strategies to help individuals achieve workplace enlightenment, enhancing both personal and professional growth.

Learn the importance of self-reflection, self-direction, self-assessment, and self-adjustment, and discover how these pillars can exponentially impact your career. Michael also introduces two additional pillars – visibility and bravery – that can unlock your hidden potential and propel you toward success.

Through engaging anecdotes and practical advice, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to elevate their performance, improve communication, and make a positive impact in their work environment and beyond.


Are you ready to join our Enlightened Workplace Movement? An Enlightened Workplace is one where we move fully away from the old stereotypes of how work is done. We create something better, where…

  • There is a foundation of open and honest communication.
  • Employees and leaders alike value collaboration.
  • Every person is committed to continual growth and development, both personally and professionally.
  • Mental health is prioritized as a company asset.
  • Physical health is of prime importance.
  • Getting things done takes on all new energy.

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